Our premium Cowhide and Leather products are handmade with pride and attention to detail at our property "Oakley" near Longreach, Outback Queensland.

Brown & White (Stockings)

Brown & White (Stockings)

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Are you looking for something a little bit different to tinsel and baubles to adorn your Christmas tree this year?  Maybe a cowhide decoration could be what your looking for!

We have handmade stocking decorations crafted from genuine cowhide in a variety of the brown and white hide just for you.  These are a 3D decoration made with hide on both sides, a soft inner filling and a generous leather tab to easily hang from your tree branch or selected position.

Stocking measures approx 10 x 12 cm with an additional 8 cm tab.

A random selection of our beautiful stocking decorations will be sent to you upon purchase.